Librement inspiré des écrits de Edouard Levé 

CHARBON art space presents the last creation of Cie LCG :  STAND UP

a performance directed by Christophe Tostain & Fabrice Michel, performed by Fabrice Michel.




19~22 October 2016




As part of the exhibition Translatio, CHARBON artspace asked TOSTAIN Christophe TOSTAIN and Fabrice MICHEL (French authors, directors and performers) to work on a conceptual form, on the edge of light & sound performance, video and theater , around the themes of duplication, disappearance, abcence, traces... 

We are pleased to present their current work : STAND UP#1. Through an original form in which image, sound and stage performance deploy a dreamlike internal landscape, STAND UP#1 tries an exploration through fears and wanderings related to the search of itself, the search of its double, the search of transmission. In a neutral space as a blank page, an offbeat world, recessed, reversed, underlines the action and let the viewers the freedom to build their own story.

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